Bareto: Impredecible review – experimental party album

From Peru comes one of the most classy, jaunty and experimental party albums of the year. Bareto are a confident band who specialise in cheerful songs with strong melodies, in which the loping, clip-clop rhythms of cumbia are matched, against guitars and electronica, with a batch of other influences from across Latin America.

They kick off with an exuberant dance instrumental, La Voz del Sinchi, and then branch out, while never slackening the rhythm section. Grand ballads are treated with spacey psychedelic effects or Hawaiian guitar, while, on Viejita Guarachera, they echo Mexico’s Los de Abajo, showing their respect for classic British ska with a musical reference to the Specials. There’s even an appearance from the great Susana Baca, the leading exponent of African-Peruvian music who became Peru’s culture minister. I look forward to their UK debut next year.

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